Chinese College Students intelligent Manufacturing Competition


This is the most influential comprehensive competition in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China, consisting of the following four events.

  • Product Design and Optimization: design a specific product, which satisfies the needs of personalized customization, and design the corresponding production and assembly process.
  • Production Line Modelling and Analysis: according to the production process of a product, create the 3D model of the production line; in addition, simulate and analyse the model using the given takt time and other data.
  • Production Systems Integration and Debugging: assemble and program warehouse, robotic assembly and CV inspection station according to production requirements.
  • Industrial Big Data Analysis: process the sample data of production equipment, extract features, build fault prediction model.

Official Website:

Our Team

  • Name: Soochow University Team
  • My Position: Captain
  • Award:
    • Second Prize in Finals
    • First Prize in East China Division


Ruiqi (Ricky) Chen
Ruiqi (Ricky) Chen
PhD Student in ECRG